Our Work

A main way that Open Data for Development (OD4D) does its work is through our regional hubs and global initiatives. One of our objectives is to help build the institutional capacity of these hubs to help consolidate their regional networks while connecting them into global initiatives that advance the global OD4D agenda.


Capacity Building

OD4D supports capacity building for governments, civil society, and more. One program includes School of Data Fellows, which work in their local communities to enhance local engagement and capacity. Our work also aims to promote and facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing among leading open data innovators working in governments around the world.


Supporting governments and data providers

OD4D provides direct technical assistance to governments to plan and implement open data programmes and policies. In Latin America, our regional hub has provided support to Peru, El Salvador and Costa Rica through round table discussions, which included various stakeholders to guide the development of their open data policies.


Innovating for sustainable development

Our partners are working to ensure relevant thematic data sets are opened up and used to improve development focus. OD4D works to support the use of open data through the development of innovative platforms and applications, as well as data guides for specific sectors.


Researching best practice and monitoring impact

Documenting open data’s impact on sustainable development, through case studies into emerging areas, and documenting open data use through the Open Data Barometer & Index and Open Data Impact Map.



The OD4D program is hosted at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), and co-funded by the Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and the Hewlett Foundation.