Harnessing Open Data to Achieve Development Results

Final Technical Report (2016): Latin America and the Caribbean


This report outlines the activities, outputs and outcomes of the project Open Data for Development in Latin America (ref:107574_00). First, it provides a brief summary of the original objectives set in the initial grant. Second, it provides a synthesis of the project outcomes. In particular, the report notes that this project contributed to a) enable and support a community of practice in Latin America, b) set up a policy forum to advance open data policies, and c) showcase the value of open data in Latin America as well as the challenges in terms of implementation. By showing how, and who was involved in these processes, as well as providing available metrics, this section provides the core narrative of this report. Third, the report provides a reflection on the achievements, learning and challenges of this project. Finally, the report provides a summary of reflections on administrative aspects of the projects that could be useful for further work with IDRC and other partners. This report details the work done by an OD4D partner. The entire report is available to read here:Final Technical Report (2016): Harnessing Open Data to Achieve Development Results in Latin America and the Caribbean.


The OD4D program is hosted at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), and co-funded by the Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and the Hewlett Foundation.