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  • Smart Communities, Smarter people

    “Smart Communities, Smarter people” is the theme of a project implemented by the Caribbean Open Institute (COI) in the Treasure Beach community, a beautiful region on the south-west coast of Jamaica. The project re-interprets the concept of “Smart Cities” within the Caribbean where the unit of analysis and experience for many Caribbean peoples is the “community”, rather than the big urban city. It underscores the critical importance of engaged and empowered citizens and the role that broad-based digital literacy can play in ensuring that they are more aware, can participate in, and contribute to their own development and well-being in the emergent digital economy.  Research themes include key issues such as: What are the opportunities for Citizen-Generated-Data [CGD]? What role can Platform technologies play in enabling scale and accelerated deployments?

  • Caribbean School of Data

    The regional Caribbean School of Data (CSOD) was launched recently in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. The school’s focus is on Increasing employability and economic opportunities for at-risk youth across the Caribbean through digital literacy and data skills training, and this specific pilot project targets the training of 1,500 marginalized youth in 7 countries across the Caribbean and will be deployed through strategic local partners in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Guyana, St.Lucia, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Trinidad & Tobago.

  • Research Call for Proposals on ILDA

    In Latin America, a new call for proposals has been launched to seek a new generation of researchers focused on data policies and solutions. ILDA was born as a research initiative seven years ago and it is time to find new approaches, methodologies, and ways to communicate what has happened in the region over the past few years.

  • Regional Data Standard on Femicide

    How to mitigate the problem of femicide from a data driven policy point of view? Over the last two years, we have worked with government officials and civil society members from several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to develop a Regional Data Standard on Femicide. We have piloted the standard in Argentina and Uruguay and more recently, with a new and improved version, we have started to work with Jamaica and Panama. This has been possible thanks to the support of IDRC, the Avina Foundation, and the IDB.

  • Open Data DIY Toolkit

    In collaboration with the IDB and the former Ministry of Modernization in Argentina, we have developed an Open Data DIY Toolkit. This toolkit aims to help subnational governments to design and implement their own open data policies. The background research for this toolkit also helped us in creating an Open Data Canvas, a tool for open data decision makers. (Spanish only)

  • Principles for Opening Contracting in Latin America

    Last year, we released our work on principles for opening contracting and procurement data at the Interamerican E-procurement Network Meeting. This study was prepared by María Margarita Zuleta in collaboration with ILDA. The document synthesizes the state of the art in terms of government procurement and open data in Latin America and has benefitted from valuable input from civil society and government organizations in the region. (Spanish only)

  • Investigative Data Journalism

    In 2020, we will be developing curriculum, conducting workshops on “Investigative Data Journalism”, and holding “Data Journalism BootCamps” as part of the Suara Masyarakat (Community Voices) project with Internews Europe that has received funding from the EU. Training materials will include outputs from Sinar Project research in using open data standards for anti-corruption and investigative journalism.

  • The Global Data Barometer project is recruiting three research associates

    The Global Data Barometer project is recruiting three research associates to lead the next stage of methodology development, partner engagement, and data collection. Working with OD4D hubs and a network of partners, the Global Data Barometer will be tracking the governance, availability and use of data for public good in a large-scale expert survey due into the field later in 2020. Application deadline 11th May. - GDB

  • The 2020 International Open Data Conference (IODC) has been postponed

    The 2020 International Open Data Conference (IODC) has been postponed. Together with the Government of Kenya, the Organizing Committee of IODC 2020 regretfully announces the postponement of the conference. Our primary concern is the health and safety of participants and presenters, and in consideration of the current and future impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we believe postponing this year’s event is the only responsible decision that can be taken at this time. - IODC2020

  • Public procurement as a tool for inclusion
    ILDA March 2020

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  • Armando equipo para el Barómetro de Datos Abiertos de América Latina y el Caribe
    ILDA January 2020

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  • Open Data Sharing Risk Assessment Toolkit
    ODASIA January 2020

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  • La 2è conférence d’Afrique francophone sur les données ouvertes
    CAFDO October 2019

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  • Compras gubernamentales abiertas: un camino para las Américas
    ILDA October 2019

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  • Caribbean School of Data helps close the digital divide
    COI September 2019

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  • CSOD Regional launch in Dominican Republic
    COI September 2019

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  • Datos y femicidios: una conversación necesaria
    ILDA August 2019

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  • Standardisation of femicide data requires a complex, participatory process, but important lessons are already emerging
    ILDA August 2019

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  • DevCa 2019 brings ‘Smart Communities, Smarter People’ to the Table
    COI May 2019

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