Regional Hubs

OD4D currently works in many regions around the world, with much of this work being coordinated by our regional open data hubs. These hubs amplify the impact of open data in their respective regions, and are powered by a collaborating network of actors.


Latin America

Iniciativa Latinoamericana por los Datos Abiertos

OD4D’s work in Latin America is coordinated by the Latin America Open Data Initiative (ILDA). Formed in 2014 and hosted at Avina, Organization of American States (OAS), and ECLAC, ILDA is currently working with the aim of scaling open data initiatives that contribute to reducing corruption, improving health service delivery, increasing resilience of cities, and reducing violence against women. In light of an increasingly dynamic open data ecosystem across the region, the newest phase of research will explore scaling the open data field to address key development challenges in an inclusive and sustainable way.



Caribbean Open Institute

OD4D’s caribbean work is coordinated by the Caribbean Open Institute (COI). Formed in 2010, the Caribbean Open Institute (COI) is a regional coalition of individuals and organizations that promotes open development approaches to inclusion, participation and innovation within the Caribbean, using open data as a catalyst. Their focus is on advocacy, awareness, and engagement with public sector stakeholders on Open Government and Open Data; and capacity building in data literacy, competence and application as an essential component of Caribbean development.



Africa Open Data Network

OD4D’s work in Africa is coordinated by the Africa Open Data Network (AODN). Hosted at the Local Development Research Institute (LDRI) in Nairobi, Kenya, and launched in early 2017, this hub aims to scale the development impact of open data initiatives in Africa, promoting the adoption of improved open data principles, best practices, policies, and partnerships. The AODN will be supported with additional capacity building and innovation-oriented activities, building on existing OD4D work in Africa, including efforts led by Open Knowledge International (OKI) and the Open Data Institute (ODI).



African Francophone Open Data Community

Open Burkina was selected to coordinate the African Francophone Open Data Community and act as a regional hub to coordinate around research, innovation, and capacity building in Francophone Africa. As of June 2018, activities have commenced. They have been active in delivering in a number of areas, fostering a leadership body with local representatives in 8 countries, and focusing on local capacity building, agenda building, and working with multi-stakeholder partners.



Open Data Middle East and North Africa

OD4D’s MENA work is coordinated by Open Data Middle East and North Africa (ODMENA). Formed in early 2017 and hosted at Access to Knowledge for Development (A2K4D) center at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, their work aims to strengthen research and advocacy capacity of the open data community in the MENA region to help address the long-lasting development challenges. This work will also support innovation in different fields, as well as build stronger connections with international open data initiatives and partners.


Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Open Data in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

OD4D’s work in Eastern Europe and Central Asia is coordinated by the Open Data in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (ODECA) hub. Formed in 2015 and hosted at the UNDP Regional Centre for Europe and the CIS in Istanbul, Turkey, the ODECA is a platform to support government representatives, civil society activists, tech activists and citizens that care about and work with open data. The network covers 18 countries in the region and aims to stimulate innovation, knowledge sharing and learning among practitioners and aficionados of open data regionally and globally.



Open Data Asia

In 2018, OD4D’s Open Data in Asia hub was launched to improve availability and impact of open data in Southeast Asia through research and strategic coordination of existing as well as new regional collaboration initiatives. The hub will aim to build a stronger community of practice in Southeast Asia consisting of open data technologists, civil society, government officials, donors, and researchers. Through collaboration between OD4D, Open Development Mekong and partners in Malaysia and India, a community of open data advocates will increase the quality, impact, and sustainability of individual initiatives and collaboration in the region, establishing links with regional and global networks, building on the vision outlined in the Open Data in Asia 2020 report. This work builds on previous efforts in collaboration with the Web Foundation Data Lab in Jakarta.


The OD4D program is hosted at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), and co-funded by the Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and the Hewlett Foundation.